Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's been so long!

Well, I thought that with my new found desire to get back into painting and explore the creative forests once again that I would start a new blog to follow my progress. It's been so long since I have actively drawn, sketched, painted, hell even crayoned so much as a stick man that I thought that it was about time to kick the old drawing arm back into life and start painting again. (well I'm not such a great sketcher, so painting seemed like a good start)
So to ease myself back into the creative fold I thought that I might start by painting some simple studies. I don't want to get bogged down with too much thought about composition and such so I've started looking at simple studies of elements that I might in the future combine into a painting which displays the more traditional elements of composition, narrative and emotive expression. No, sod that, for now it's simple study. I'm rusty I need to start something to get past the often nagging feeling of why the hell did I even bother in the first place!
Well, to start I found a painting that was probably that last thing I produced on a serious note. Way back in the who knows when (well, not so in the who knows when. The painting is dated 2002 so it's 7 years old)
The plan is to get back the ease of which I used to be able to draw and paint, then if I'm lucky I might progress. I guess we shall see!

Below: Study of Lilies, 2002. Water colour on paper.

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