Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alter Ego

My Piece for the Alter Ego mobile gallery exhibition as part of the Fringe Festival in Wellington 2010. The Show was put together and run by fellow artist and jeweller Vaune Mason. (Gallery photos curtsy of Brett Stanley)

Above: "Ich bin ein bunny" #02

"Ich bin ein bunny" was my take on the alter ego theme. Playing with the idea of ego and alter egos I was drawn to the traditional notions of good 'v' evil. The idea that pure evil is seen as a demonised state of the human condition interests me. Historical figures recognised as "pure evil" such as the obvious example of Hitler have been demonised to a point of falling outside of the human state. We have to place these people in the "monster" category to set them apart from our own ideas that we too could possess the same capabilities. There are no monsters, only a human condition that we are all capable of accessing given the right circumstances.
Throughout modern history the image of Hitler has become a parody of his own callus nature. Satire through film, print, spoken word, cartoon ect., has parodied this man to a point of the ridiculous.
My own inspiration came in the form of cartoon, print and the spoken word. Images of Hitler wearing a pair of bunny ears can be easily found on line (a photoshopped image, but never the less very powerful). He has appeared on Family Guy for regular lampooning when the need for "evil" to be shown in an absurd condition is required.
Even Eddie Izzard makes reference to "Hitler in a bunny costume" in one of his stand up shows.

Above: "Ich bin ein bunny" #01