Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Radish & Ferret Sketch #2

Radish & Ferret Sketch

Completed sketch for an idea that I'm running at the moment. This is my first go at a PS illustration. Working on a screen and using a pen and tablet certainly holds different challenges from my more traditional methods of working. This is a method of working that I do wish to continue working with. I would like to develop this idea through the digital painting process. I see it as a great platform for setting up and exploring ideas before continuing on with a "physical painting".

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Ideas

I have recently been working on some sketch ideas for a new painting. I'm also at the same time trying to teach myself photoshop painting techniques so that I can speed up the process of "cartooning" the ideas before I move on to a physical painting. After a very disheartening introduction to the whole photoshop thing, I have now found a way of working that suits me. It would seem that as with physical painting, it is all in the set up! After a good friend came round and helped me set up my tablet, pen and the workspace, the whole experience has become a revolution. So I'll start uploading my efforts as I work through them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Studio

I thought I'd upload a few shots of my Studio work station with some of my other "things" that litter the space. Pill Boy, a little Pop Toy menace has lived on my fun shelf for some years now. I originally designed and made Pill Boy in the UK while working in the Toy Industry. He now hangs out around our house (and several others around the globe) doing what he does best, which is not much!