Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Products from Society6

Well, this is exciting stuff! You can now buy some of my images in the form of iphone covers and skins as well as prints and more from Check out this awesome website for all kinds of wonderful images and products. Go look, go look!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colour Study

I have been in the studio again for a second weekend in recent weeks (With the work loads on the Hobbit, I have been finding it hard to find the energy to get into the home studio). There I have been working on a small colour study toward making a new painting. I'm still toying with the idea of a physical piece, maybe experimenting with oils, but digital work is just to convenient.
I need to start painting in physical paint again, hence the colour study. A small water colour on cartridge paper in a sketch book, not the best medium for water colour but there you are.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pictoplasma Exhibition 2011

I am pleased to announce that my work has been selected for inclusion in this yearsPictoplasma Exhibition to be held in Paris, France as a part of the Missing Link Research Project.
Pictoplasma is the worlds leading organization dedicated to contemporary character design and art in all it's many facets and media. It is under this umbrella that the Missing Link exhibition has been announced.
My own entry for the exhibition is a sketch that forms part of an ongoing project that I am working on at the moment, a new painting in the Marmayak series. The Marmayak has been a very popular painting over the past couple of months and so it was with this that it has developed further into a series. I am now thinking about the next piece and so have taken the opportunity to submit and sketch from this new work.
Submissions for this show amounted to some 5000+ entries from which only 500 have been chosen to form the main body of work on display. The exhibition will run during December from the 7th - 31st at the new museum La Gaite Lyrique, Paris.

A small update on the Pictoplasma exhibition in Paris this December. The work is now being placed on the walls of the museum La Gaite Lyrique. You can follow the show on the Pictoplasma Facebook page which is where I pinched the above photo of the work being installed. My piece is in this photo, like 'where's Wally' see if you can spot it!

Blooom Art Fair Cologne, Germany

So, an update on what I have been up to recently. Since the opening of the September Unscripted exhibition here in Wellington I have had a small measure of interest in my work.
It seems that Unscripted has turned out to have been a wonderful springboard for me in promoting myself and my work to the public and to the greater art scene here in Wellington. As a result I have been fortunate to have been picked up by Eyeball Kicks in Wellington who now represent me in NZ which has been a huge boost to my confidence and to my work as a whole.
As well as local interest I was very fortunate to have been asked to exhibit in Cologne, Germany at Blooom, The Creative Industries Art Show which ran from October 29th - November 1st.
I twas a fantastic opportunity to expand my profile and to be a part of an exciting show as this and to display my work along side the cream of NZ talent as part of the White Cloud Worlds showcase. A big thank you must go to Paul Tobin and Kate Jorgensen for inviting me to be a part of their showcase at Blooom and for making it the huge success that it was.

Here are a few photos taken by Paul for the show.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back in the Studio

I'm finally back in the studio with a pencil in my hand. It feels so long since I actually sat down with my sketch book and drew that I fear my pencils have revolted and f*cked off else where to find the company of a more attentive owner. Lucky for me they haven't, and are now in full employment once again.
So I'm beginning work on a new painting, after I might add some considerable time of contemplating and over analyzing the possibilities. The new work will be a continuation of the Marmayak family and more excitingly will be a physical piece rather than digital. Yes, I'm also pulling the brushes out from their forced hiatus! So watch this space for forthcoming posts on this subject. I hope to get something together soon. I think that's about it for now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Ich Bin Ein Bunny' #1 Giclee prints NOW AVAILABLE!

Yes, that time has arrived after all! 'Ich Bin Ein Bunny' #1 is now available as a Giclee print. This edition is limited to 20 so get in quick! 'Ich Bin Ein Bunny' #1 has been reproduced as a Giclee print on archival cotton rag. Signed and numbered, the image dimensions are 440 x 310 mm. Giclee prints of 'Ich Bin Ein Bunny' #1 are now on sale for NZ $180.00 and can only be purchased through me so please contact me with requests at:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sam Broad, Artist and Framing studio

I though that I would share with you the amazing talent of Sam Broad. This guy is a gem in the pop crown of Wellington!
I was introduced to Sam recently after asking around fellow artists about who they recommended for framing services in Wellington. Sam's name kept on cropping up at the top of the recommendations list again and again. So I popped on out to his Petone studio to check him out. What I found was an amazing place to visit and Sam himself is a very quirky yet personable character with a real eye for detail, a super understanding of pop art and a shared passion for retro toys and oddities, the same as Tanya and I indulge in ourselves.
His studio is crammed from floor to ceiling with toys and collected rarities, prints and personal works in progress. This makes for a very rewarding experience when visiting his studio. Sam's work is inspiring, with a real eye for detail and capturing his curious wit. His framing service also then carries that same eye for detail and passion for a crisp finnish and job well done.
The best thing about Sam, is that I was happy to just leave my work with him with no discussion and be rest assured that he would make design decisions on framing that would give me something special and considered. Great, I love not having to worry about that!
If it's framing you are after with that personal touch then I would recommend Sam to one and all!
Go visit him for yourself!

COMING SOON! "Ich Bin Ein Bunny" Giclee Prints


I am pleased to announce that due to a number of people enquiring about the possibility of producing a print run of "Ich Bin Ein Bunny #1", I am now in the process of making this happen. I will be producing a run of Giclee prints on archival fine art cotton rag which will be limited to an edition size of 20 only.
I will be taking enquiries for sales of these prints through my blog only. These prints will not appear in Eyeball Kicks.

Enquiries can be made through me via email:

Eyeball Kicks

I am very pleased to announce that following the Unscripted exhibition my work has been picked up by Eyeball Kicks in Cuba St, Wellington for sale in their wonderful gallery/shop. I'm thrilled to have Eyeball Kicks represent my work in NZ as an exclusive retail store. I can offer prints to people through my blog site, but as far as commercial outlets, Eyeball Kicks will be my only NZ outlet.
Please do go have a look at their shop. It is a "mind field" of inspiration and of artistic delight.
Not only do eyeball kicks represent works from artists in the Pop Surreal genre from all over the world, they also exclusively represent New Zealand talent making them a hub of the Wellington scene. Along with representing many wonderful artists they also provide an in house framing service as a "one stop shop" experience. Do go visit and take a small piece of the pop surreal world home with you!
They can be found in Wellington at: 177 Cuba St. Wellington. NZ

I have both "The Marmayak, Winter Spirit" and "Reunited" on display and for sale though the Eyeball Kicks store. These are Giclee prints on archival fine art cotton rag, as signed editions of 40 each.


"The Marmayak, Winter Spirit"

Unscripted Exhibition opening night #2

A wonderful photographer called Jenn Hadley captured some lovely images of the Unscripted exhibition opening night. I found these two images on her facebook page. Please do have a look at this body of photos as she really captured the essence of the opening night and some of the fantastic work on display.

Thank you Jenn Hadley for your wonderful shots

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unscripted Exhibition opening night

Last night I attended the Unscripted exhibition opening night in Wellington. The exhibition will now run until the 9th Sept.

"Within the Wellington film industry there are hundreds of artists working collectively to create some of finest films made in the world. ‘Unscripted’ aims to profile these brilliant minds to present their talent as individuals, in mediums ranging from illustration, jewellery, costume, sculpture and 3D animation and many more".

The opening night was a fantastic success and the culmination of weeks of hard work from the organizers Karen Flett and Nikki Clark. Many thanks.
Below are some of my personal photos from the opening night.

You can also see official photos on Robert Catto's website:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unscripted Exhibition

I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in the upcoming exhibition "Unscripted" which will be running in Wellington New Zealand from the 3rd - 10th September. Unscripted is a showcase body of works by NZ film industry artists and technicians.
While many artists and creative people collaborate on film projects such as Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Tin Tin and The Hobbit, many are also artists in their own right. Unscripted is a celebration of those who work to make these wonderful Oscar winning movies and to showcase personal passions and bodies of work.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Marmayak

Another painting just finished. Hoping to have this in an upcoming exhibition in Wellington. I'm already thinking of the next piece and I might head down a different path as there are a few styles that I would like to play about with.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally finished!

Ok, so after working on and off with this piece (mostly off) for almost a year I have finally closed the door on this one. It's maybe not quite what I was wanting to end up with, I think that working on it over such a long period has made me a little apathetic to it. I guess it's lost some of the freshness that it had in the beginning. Still I'm reasonably happy with the outcome, which is good. It's the first real stab at photoshop painting for me so I guess I have a lot to learn as I have already learnt a great deal with this piece. So I guess all in all it's all good so far. Now for the next one!