Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sam Broad, Artist and Framing studio

I though that I would share with you the amazing talent of Sam Broad. This guy is a gem in the pop crown of Wellington!
I was introduced to Sam recently after asking around fellow artists about who they recommended for framing services in Wellington. Sam's name kept on cropping up at the top of the recommendations list again and again. So I popped on out to his Petone studio to check him out. What I found was an amazing place to visit and Sam himself is a very quirky yet personable character with a real eye for detail, a super understanding of pop art and a shared passion for retro toys and oddities, the same as Tanya and I indulge in ourselves.
His studio is crammed from floor to ceiling with toys and collected rarities, prints and personal works in progress. This makes for a very rewarding experience when visiting his studio. Sam's work is inspiring, with a real eye for detail and capturing his curious wit. His framing service also then carries that same eye for detail and passion for a crisp finnish and job well done.
The best thing about Sam, is that I was happy to just leave my work with him with no discussion and be rest assured that he would make design decisions on framing that would give me something special and considered. Great, I love not having to worry about that!
If it's framing you are after with that personal touch then I would recommend Sam to one and all!
Go visit him for yourself!

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