Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unscripted Exhibition opening night

Last night I attended the Unscripted exhibition opening night in Wellington. The exhibition will now run until the 9th Sept.

"Within the Wellington film industry there are hundreds of artists working collectively to create some of finest films made in the world. ‘Unscripted’ aims to profile these brilliant minds to present their talent as individuals, in mediums ranging from illustration, jewellery, costume, sculpture and 3D animation and many more".

The opening night was a fantastic success and the culmination of weeks of hard work from the organizers Karen Flett and Nikki Clark. Many thanks.
Below are some of my personal photos from the opening night.

You can also see official photos on Robert Catto's website:

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  1. Great to see your art out and about Gary!
    Looked like a good night =)